Hey guys, it was Ruscin who picked Hogs to win SEC West

Apparently nobody really paid attention (or cared) but Derek Ruscin on Ruscin & Zach has been projecting Arkansas to meet Kentucky in the SEC Championship Game for awhile.

Ruscin, the self-proclaimed Rodney Dangerfield of the ESPN Arkansas cast of characters, addressed it on Friday afternoon’s show. He put it out there on social media … and nobody really noticed.

Or they didn’t believe he would do it. LISTEN LIVE NOW or click the new player bar below.

The major part of conversation, of course, is Texas-Oklahoma leaving the Big 12.

And, of course, everyone thinks this has anything to do with competitive balance in football. In the coming arms race among the conferences, it’s about money … this puts the SEC in the position of being the big guy.

If you think this

Here’s what we’ve heard Friday:

• Announcement reportedly close to being made.

“The Austin American-Statesman reported Friday that a Big 12 source believed talks between the SEC and the two schools had been ongoing for more than six months, though SEC member Texas A&M had been left out of the discussions,” according to the story at “An SEC source told ESPN’s Heather Dinich that it’s inaccurate that A&M was left out of the conversation.”

• The hurdles, domino effects and more of potential move.

The only thing that’s becoming clear is that from multiple reports, the move will be announced soon and it will be approved. Texas A&M may be allowed to say it voted no but the guess among experts is they aren’t turning down the money, either.


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